Sunday, 27 June 2010

jumble sale heaven and chicken sitting

Hello folks, long time no blog. I have been away house and pet sitting with no PC. Too busy walking dogs and looking after chickens. Although I had plenty of time to make bunting, heart shaped embellished with buttons, it's really pretty.
The wedding went well as did Tina's Birthday Celebrations. Hard to believe my best friend is 50, she doesn't look it at all.
Bea, our finder of lovely things, and I went to a jumble sale on Saturday. It was huge with a long queue outside, always a good sign. So elbows at the ready, only joking, although I had my lovely jumble sale bag and lot's of change at the ready! I picked up lot's of gorgeous fabric so I must get sewing.
We also went upto Brymore Open Day and enjoyed a yummy cream tea while sitting in the sunshine and listening to the jazz band play, what a lovely way to spend a summer day. I also met lot's of fellow crafters, some of whom are having stands at our fair in September, nice to do a bit of networking. Crafters are such lovely folks.

The happiness of life is made up of minute fractions- the little soon forgotten charities of a kiss or a smile, a kind look, or heartfelt compliment.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Take really good care of yourselves and enjoy the summer

Amanda xx

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Over 50s Club!

Hi everyone from way over the hill in the Over 50s Club!
I am in the middle of the most wonderful birthday celebrations - I never thought turning 50 would be so much fun!
I went out for a lovely meal with lots of close friends and colleagues from work, and Amanda joined us too! A gorgeous time was had by all at Bottelinos in Weston-super-Mare and I came away laden with good wishes, birthday cards and gifts!
Today I have been to visit Bella and the Moo and their lovely mummy Fi before being taken on a very relaxing drive and picnic by Steve through Watchet and Dunster - bliss! And of course the weather is perfect.
Tonight I am out for dinner with Steve and Luke, which I am so looking forward to!
Tomorrow I'll be packing and shopping most of the day for our holiday and on Friday morning we're off!
I'm sure by the time we get back Amanda will have floated Bella on the stock exchange!
Here's hoping the weather stays beautiful here AND in France where we will be camping!
Love to you all
Tina xxx

Monday, 21 June 2010

Hello everyone - I'm back from the wedding! We had a lovely day - the sun shone, the venue was lovely and Fi and Shaun were able to be married out on the lawn, watched by loving family and friends including the beautifully behaved Bella and the Moo, who sat spell-bound whilst mummy and daddy took their vows and signed the register!
Steve gave a lovely speech, which raised a tear or two, Fi looked radiant, flanked by her four lovely bridesmaids in raspberry pink and Shaun, handsome as ever, in his morning suit.
Back to reality with a bump! We've booked a table at a local craft event next month, so I will have to get really busy once I get back from France! Aaahhhh!!
Amanda and I are off with friends to celebrate my "special" birthday tomorrow, which I am really looking forward to! Bottelino's here we come - the girls are going to party!!
Have fun and love life!
Tina xx

Friday, 18 June 2010

I do love a summer wedding!

Hello everyone! I can't believe that Fi and Shaun are getting married tomorrow! Seems only a short while ago they announced their engagement! The weather forecast is looking glorious so the wedding will be able to be outdoors in the sunshine - how wonderful!
I looked after Bella and the Moo today whilst mum and dad finished off last minute wedding tasks ... what a treat! We splashed in the paddling pool, walked all the way to the village park and back and played happily for hours! (Except when Elmo arrived home on his bike and they took one look at him and burst out howling!!). Poor Elmo!
I've checked my outfit and shoes, got my nails done and taken a breath ... let's go!!!
Pictures to follow next week!!
Tina xx

Thursday, 17 June 2010

big blue skys and white fluffy clouds-yippee!

Hello People, what a gorgeous day! The whole world seems a lovlier place to be when the sun is shining and you can't get anywhere nicer than somerset in the sun ( although Tina's hubby Steve might disagree and tell you that Devon is nicer).
After work I went for a lovely long walk around the fields and golf course of Cannington picking elderflowers to make cordial, hopefully it will taste delicious- I'll let you know. Bumped into my lovely neighbour and her gorgeous newborn baby, Douglas-what a cutie,almost makes me feel broody again!! As my youngest at home is nearly 18 I think I'll just enjoy my freedom. Anyway I'm far too busy with Bella and The Moo. I'm going to make some heart shaped bunting and embellish the hearts with vintage buttons, they should look gorgeous.
Enjoyed a delicious supper in the garden with Tina last night, a bottle of rose and lots of ideas for lovely things to make, so had better get busy. Tina has a special Birthday coming up next week and it's Katies 21st party this weekend so it'll be cards, bunting cakes and candles galore. Fi and Shaun will be getting Wed this Saturday, so even more celebrations! Oooohh I just love parties, you can't beat a good 'do' .Happy Days ahead and long may they continue.

just a thought for you,'The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese in the trap'

Take really good care of yourself and enjoy the sun for tommorrow it will probably snow xxx

Mr Blue Sky ...

Hello lovely people! Isn't it lovely to have so much sunshine and warm weather!! Amanda and I had supper together yesterday sitting in the garden, with a glass of chilled rose - perfect!
I was a little lost for inspiration after the weekend so put the sewing machine to bed for the week and got on with some lovely summer-themed greetings cards - the results were really great (but I'm keeping the most gorgeous one for Amanda's birthday in September - don't tell her!!).
Picked up a fantastic sewing book from the book people who come round to the centre I work in and it's fully of gorgeous ideas! I will be putting a lot of them to the test when I get back from my French camping holiday at the beginning of July, so watch this space for some gorgeous pics!
If you've never seen our cushions, bunting and bags then check us out at
Make sure to go out and about and enjoy the fabulous weather!
Tina xx

Sunday, 13 June 2010

the sun has got it's hat on, a fur lined beanie!

So it's back to cloudy grey and wind.What better excuse not to do the garden and read a very good book instead, oh and catch up on the blog to all you lovely people. Went out with the girls last night for supper and the pic's to see Sex and The City 2, what a great evening. Good food, good company and Big- oh well a girl can dream! Lucky Carrie!! And to top it all she meets up with the GAWJUS Aiden AND gets new shoes!! Although new shoes seem to be the order of the day, I met an old girlfriend for lunch and some shopping,I got a cute little pair of sparkly flip flops. Just need some sunshine now.
Got some lovely fabric this week so I will be getting my sewing machine out later, pretty lavender hearts spring to mind.

Love does not make the world go round; Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

Take really good care of yourself and remember to smile- it's contagious


Thursday, 10 June 2010

Time off!

Hello lovelies! I wish the weather would make up it's mind - is it summer, or is it winter?? It's very chilly at the moment and my poor garden is getting blown about! All the flowers are dipping their heads trying to keep them!!
I'm off to see Ben tomorrow, as he's now completed his 5 weeks basic training at Sandhurst and is entitled to a weekend off! Yippee!! That'll be lovely!
Amanda and I had a fab business meeting last night, accompanied by a bottle of rose! Got lots done, but seem to come away with an even bigger list of things to do!! We both want to get back to being creative, but know we need to sort out all the paperwork and technical stuff too!! We've decided to book a date for a Christmas fair too and hope everything works out well!
We're off to do a car boot sale on Saturday morning, so if you're passing Puriton pop in and say hello!!
Tina xx

Sunday, 6 June 2010

sun,rain,cloud,sun,sun,cloud,wind, wellies,vest,bikini

Hello Lovely People and Morris Men,

As ever the weather is interesting, sun burnt shoulders (silly girl) and soaked through all in one day, Yippee! Cycling home and got caught in a shower, at least the herb plants I was carrying in my basket got a nice drink!
Went to Glastonbury today, climbed the Tor and nearly gone blown off the top it was so windy! The view was worth it. Walked back into town and got a restorative cup of tea and a scrumptious lemon muffin. I also found some lovely old fabric in a charity shop, which I think will look lovely turned into a patchwork quilt - now that's what I call upcycling.
Came home and decided to cook soup as the sun had gone in again. Lettuce, asparagus and stilton - looks like pondweed, but tastes yummy. Also roasted pepper and red lentil soup, that's tomorrow's lunch sorted. All thanks to my little bro who brings me home the end of day stuff that's nearly past it from the shop he works in.
I also made a bag using Tina's pattern, must learn to use a tape measure!! It will be good for knitting but not a lot else!
Nearly finished the squares for my 'Romany' blanket, will get back to it in a mo but thought I'd grab the pc before my darling teenagers come home and hog it.

While at Glastonbury I saw this and thought I'd share it with you 'Life is not about learning to survive the storms;it's about learning to dance in the rain'.
If you get the chance, go and see The Morris Men, great fun. Let's support these Great British Random Traditions.

Take Really Good Care of Yourself,
Amanda xx

Friday, 4 June 2010

stolen by the morris men!

Hello everyone - what a lovely evening we had yesterday! Amanda cooked Steve and I a tasty supper and then we wondered down to our local pub - the Friendly Spirit - to watch a troupe of morris men - the West Somerset Morris Men. What an entertainment! At one point I was spirited away to join them in the dance, much to Amanda and Steve's amusement! They were a lovely group of gentlemen and if you ever get the chance to see them, do go along!
Not much being made or bought for Bella and the Moo this week, and this evening we're all off on the West Somerset Steam Railway for a trip and a ploughman's supper, which should be lovely! Mother Bea is coming too!
Take care.
Love to all
Tina xx

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Bea The Busy Bee and Bunting

Hello all you lovely people, long time no blog from me- my PC only plays when it feels like it!! SShhh, but I think sewing machines are much nicer.
Anyway ,Mother Bea, our finder of lovely things, has been busy- so we will have an interesting selection of gorgeous vintage goodies for our fair. OOhhh, it's hard to resist bringing it into my home to use.
I've been busy making bunting, yes more bunting, for Katies 21st Birthday party and of course baking! Baking is my stress therapy, I just have to make sure I give all the cakes away or I wouldn't be able to reach my sewing machine!!
Tina has been busy with all the techy stuff, ooohhh scary stuff, absolutely fab results though, check out our website or follow our blog on - we'd love to know what you think.
I'm still trying to finish my crochet blanket, it's going very slowly and have found some lovely fabric to make lavender sachets-mmm my home always smells lovely and calming when I'm making those.
Anyway just time to do a bit more sewing before yoga this eve.

"The happiest people seem to be those who are producing something; the bored people are those who are consuming much and producing nothing" we're sewing; therefore we're happy.

Take really good care of yourself
Amanda xx