Friday, 30 April 2010

In the beginning ..

Can't believe we've done so much in a fortnight! From a rambling evening over a bottle of rose (or two) and discussing how we could spend time doing our favourite things - pottering around jumble sales, car boot sales & charity shops looking for vintage china and fabric, sewing lovely things for the home, making fab greetings cards and making our homes look gorgeous with shabby chic, vintage and quirky hand-made items - to launching Bella and the Moo!

We've booked a local village hall to run a craft fair in September, where we will sell our lovely things and invite other local crafters to come along too. Amanda, my partner in crime, knows EVERYBODY in the village and is a wealth of information about who does what, where, so rounding up other crafters is mainly down to her. I, on the otherhand, have a little bit of knowledge about using the net so have been designated to design a logo, set up an email address -, laying out a flyer for the fair and things like that!

Both of us are now busy putting stock together to make our first craft fair fab!

We've even had a business meeting!! Get us!!