Saturday, 22 January 2011

Jumble sales and tea.

What a cold, cold day - glad I'm now home for the day and not planning on going out again! I've put a lovely beef stew in the oven for later and the wine is chilling!
Bella and I have been to a local jumble sale today - the village hall at Holford was heaving with pushing, shoving people all after a bargain! We did do a bit of elbowing, but unfortunately didn't find too many little gems, other than some old Enid Blyton books, which I love and can't resist buying.
Never mind, time for tea! We stopped on the way back for tea (well, you have to, don't you?) but were very good and resisted the temptation to have any cake (Bella was baking this morning, so she has cakes at home!!) but I am trying to slim down a little.
We had bad news about our gallery space this week - unfortunately the offer has been withdrawn and we will have to wait a little longer for space, which will give us more time to make stock!
But the good news for this week is we have now opened an online shop within Etsy. Check it out at
Bookings for all three hand-made and vintage fairs are coming along nicely and we can't wait for the first one in March!
Keep warm and well everyone!
Tina xx

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