Monday, 21 February 2011

My lovely world!

Hello and hope you're all having a lovely, loved-up February.
Mine has been gorgeous so far and yesterday was so heart-warming I wanted to share it with you. Steve and I took the gorgeous scrummy Maddie & Freya to see Steve's mum in North Devon and we had such a lot of fun! The girls sang and chatted all the way down in the car and were so cute trundling around great-nanny's house fetching teddies and organising the soaps in the bathroom!
They both tucked into their lunches, which Maddie told Marg was "dee-lish-us". I've never seen a 2 year old eat so many carrots!! Our trip to the local park wasn't quite so successful and both arrived back at nanny's house with bumps & bruises! They must have been so very tired though because both of them crashed for well over an hour in the back of the car on the journey home!
In the meantime mummy & daddy had got all their painting done - daddy even had some in his hair!
Having to go back to work today was not what I wanted to do ... I wanted to go play again!! Still, I have to admit to being extremely weary by the time I did climb into bed last night!! Don't know how Fi does it every day!
Our email account has been red-hot today and we've had two really exciting opportunities offered to us ... not sure if we'll be able to take them up, but would be great if we could!
Off to make up an order of bunting for baby Hugo's christening ... lots of blue spots, stars and checks - will look fab in the village hall and afterwards in little man's bedroom!!
Live Well, Laugh Often & Love Much
Tina xxx

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