Saturday, 12 March 2011

Today's 5 nice things!

Hello everyone and sorry its been so long since our last blog! We've been busy getting ready for our first handmade & vintage fair of the year, which is next Saturday! All tables sold and all systems go!
I've been tweeting a lot lately and have started ending my day by listing 5 nice things which have happened that day. Its such a lovely way to end your day - looking back and appreciating the nice things that the day has brought! I've had several encouraging comments from lovely tweeters so thought I would share today's with you!
No 1 - I spent the day catching up with my very dear friend Kim, who I haven't seen since Christmas. We had intended to go to a card-making day together but when we arrived at the venue it had been cancelled! Undaunted we trundled off to Clarks Village where we had a lovely catch up and a mooch round the shops, followed by a card-making session at my house! She is very special and I love her lots.
No 2 - Luke had a job interview today. He felt it went quite well so I'm keeping everything crossed for a good result - he could really do with some good luck, after a run of bad luck lately!
No 3 - I'm now enjoying a cold glass of wine ... perfect on a Saturday night.
No 4 - Loving the pretty butterfly cards I've made today ... what do you think?
No 5 - Steve is taking me off to Cabot Circus tomorrow to look for a dress for Ben's commissioning ball and passing-out parade. I may finally get my outfits sorted for the big day!
I do think its really important, especially after watching yesterday's tragic events in Japan, to reflect on just how lucky we are in this country not to have to contend with natural disasters and horrendous weather phenomenon - we are able to sleep safe in our beds every night and know the world will still be the same when we wake in the morning!
Lots of love to you all
Tina xxx

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